The Joys of Funky Throw Rugs

If I had it my way, my apartment would be covered with vibrant throw rugs. They bring so much texture and depth to a room it is unbelievable. Throw rugs are literally one of the fastest ways to turn a room around (for better or for worse).  

 Here are some fool proof ways to avert throw rug catastrophe...


Have a space that serves more than one purpose? Throw rugs can really help define specific areas and create little rooms within a big one. 

Maybe your living room is also your office and dining room - perfect! Place a rug under your desk and boom - you have a defined office space. Do the same under your dining room table and, gasp!, all of a sudden it is a clearly defined eating area.  

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A key to throw rug success is getting the right size. You always want the rug to be no less that 6 inches bigger than the area you are trying to define. This allows the rug to ground the furniture and allows everything to breath. If the rug is to small you are left with a cramped space & no one likes that. 

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Lastly, make sure that you are keeping your lifestyle in mind when on the hunt for a great throw rug. If you have little ones or animals, buy something that can be washed or look for something you don't mind getting a little worn. 


If you want to go the handmade artisanal route for these fabulous rugs, Gypsya is a fantastic place to start. Gypsya is a collective of artists that make beautiful home goods from organic and recycled materials. Plus, their prices are totally reasonable! 

If you want something a little more mainstream, Anthropologie is a slam dunk (plus you get to smell those amazing Volcano candles) and  you are bound to find something on Serena & Lily

Happy throw rug hunting!

Hello, Guest Bath!

Fabulous wallpaper is one of my favorite options when re-vamping a space. It may not be the perfect solution for every room, but it is nine times out of ten the VERY BEST solution for a guest bath. 

Why? You might ask yourself. Well, skeptical reader, besides having an excuse to use rad patterns like these, wallpapering is a fantastic way to transform a space without breaking the bank! I mean, who wouldn't want these guest baths...


Have an affinity towards bold, graphic patterns? Good! They are a sneaky little way to punch up an otherwise small or tricky space and a good way to play with colors while playing it (relatively) safe. 


Guest bathrooms are, in theory, what your guests will be using and they are an opportunity to create an impact and set the tone of your house. Take a look at the (gorgeous) zebra pattern. How pleasantly surprised would you be if you slipped into this little gem to powder your nose? 

It is fantastic!


Take a look online -- I recommend Farrow & Ball, Mod Green Pod (an Austin local!) , or Cavern Home -- see what you like, and contact the shop for samples of your favorites. Then call me and we can pick the best one for your soon to be, fabulous guest bath!


Today we are talking about one of my favorite things ever - plants! They are perfect for sprucing up a space, and they not only to they purify the air, but they significantly increase a home's happiness. 

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 Plants are a cheap and easy way to add some color, height, and interest to a space. Don't believe me? Instead of using a vase for your next bundle of flowers, stick them in a pitcher or a clear container. Next time you go to your local nursery, grab a succulent (or two) and find an empty teacup or a colorful bowl. 

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For a more dramatic effect, try grouping plants together. A shelf, window sill, or table top will do just fine. Plants look so striking when they are together and it brings in so much texture. To vary your plant groupings height, put a stack of books or magazines under one.  

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Now before you go running off to the nursery, take a look around your house and check the levels of light. Take a mental note of what areas have bright light, which areas are by windows, etc. Succulents do really well in hot spots (like a window seal), where house plants do well in medium to bright light. Once you've got that down you can now find the perfect plants for your space!

Happy planting!